• Circuits can be formed by cutting and peeling the cross wiring.
  • Secondary Holes are drilled for easy cutting into desired shapes.
  • The 0.6 mm thickness provides some rigidity, but also some flexibility.
  • Secondary Holes are drilled to mount it to the enclosure or to pass wires through.

Product Attributes

Primary Holes

PlatingPlated Through Hole (PTH)
Pitch2.54mm Grid
Circuit PatternRound Pad Per Hole & Cross Wiring, Both Sides
Hole Diameter1.0mm
Pad Diameter1.5mm
Cross Wiring Width0.25mm

Secondary HoleS

PlatingNon-Plated Through Hole (NPTH)
Pitch2.54mm Grid
Circuit PatternNone
Hole Diameter1.6mm

Board Specification

SeriesMED BB
Size / Dimension100mm x 100mm
Board Thickness0.6mm
MaterialFR4-TG 150 (KB6165F)
Outer Layer Copper Foil Thickness1oz
Surface TreatmentElectroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) 1U”